You could do anything, if only you dared to. And deep down, you know it, too.

Sarah J. Maas

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your existence is an act of rebellion

Albert Camus


How many times have you repeated, I’ll get to it, maybe tomorrow, or later for things you’ve longed to do for a while, but haven’t come up with the energy to bring it into being?

That won’t be today! Not with Habits Blooming!

Habits Blooming is a place where I, Mia Hooz, share something that will hopefully help you see both sides of the spectrum, find what inspires you, and take action to do it.

How do I do this?

With my featured pages! Visit the About page to find out more about what Habits Blooming is for you!

The site is currently undergoing construction to prepare for the new pages and series so please forgive me if the site looks a bit wonky, or like it’s missing a thing or two.

Please enjoy what I have prepared to the fullest!

Pages of Interest



What’s Coming Up For You For Next Three Months

Interested in what’s in store for you during the next three months? Or simply get an idea of outline of the time span? If you are, I’ll tell you in this post. Quick Explanation to How I Came Up With this Post Idea It’s funny, actually. I didn’t plan on releasing anything like this at all. Maybe in the future, but not anytime soon. I was just preparing a my Daily Message post. Cards riffling through my hands, the slight slice of the cards pressing into my skin, and flashes of color zooming in and out of my sight, this…

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The Three Most Important Things in Numerology

Everyone has a number. Multiple, to be specific. We are all born with them and they exhibit how we do things as well as what how we express ourselves. Some affect us more than others while others are simply apart of the equations. Are you thinking, how do I find my number? What are the important ones? If you were wondering, there are three important types of numbers in numerology. There three are- in order of importance: Life Path, Expression, and Year Number. Note: The numbers in the headers of this post are not dedicated to the title. There aren’t…

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EP 2 – What Makes Up a Taurus?

Things to Know Sign – Taurus Symbol – the Bull Begins and Ends – April 20 to May 20. Element – Earth: down to earth, grounded, basic, more hardy than the other elements. Polarity – Negative: more emotional (though that doesn’t necessarily mean showing) Mode – Fixed: unbending, not flexible, read motto to understand completely. Planet – Venus: Love, materialistic, pleasures, beauty, real world, and money. House – 2nd House: anything material, or physical, self-esteem, money, spending, possessions. Motto – My way, or no way. Keywords For You (Taurus) Stubborn Reliable Determined Petty Romantic Reliable Can be patient Responsible High quality Pushy…

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EP 1 – Love Compatibility, Traits, etc. About Aries

Hello, crazies! As you can tell by the written title, this is the first release of the new series called Wheel There Be a Sign? Yes, a new series! It’ll consist of 12 episodes where each zodiac sign in the astrological calendar is covered. Within it, you can revel into the unknown to learn about yourself, family, friends, a love interest, an acquittance, and more! How do you learn more about such people? Well, the zodiac signs! Zodiac signs are based on a constellation that is seen from the earths perspective at certain times in the year. It’s the astrological…

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RPC What?

5 Light, Funny, and Embarrassing Stories About Me – Pt. 1

ChElLo CrAzIeS! If you aren’t quite hooked, read the base line of the stories I’ll share today: How and When I got into BTS I Learned the Korean Alphabet in a Week and… Learn A Little from Everything I Asked Out a Guy and… …funny and embarrassing… that happened on one of… The ones in bold are the stories I’ll share in this post. The others I’ll share in another. They are all hilarious, have morals, and stories I that have changed my life… in the best way possible. Are you ready? 1 – How and When I got into…

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If I pay for 100% of my college education…

Would I be better off if my parents will give me a college graduation present: half of the money they presently plan to pay for my college costs? Simply put, yes. How so? Here are three reasons! Note: though the last bit of the question says, receive half of the money my parents presently plan to pay for my college costs, I don’t think I could do that to my parents. Not just accept that amount of money, but even have the will to ask. That seems so rude to ask of your parents especially when they already spend so…

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The Importance of “So What?” In Writing

Previously, in this post (an English I – Autobiographies Essay), I discussed the autobiography and life of Olaudah Equiano. In the mid 1700s, he was kidnaped along with his sister and many other Africans to be sold as slaves at age 11. They were all shoved into the tight quarters under the deck of a boat and spent about seven months that way until they reach England. Equiano gives a perspective on life before he was kidnaped, when being kidnaped, in another sort of slavery (more brutal), and once he’s been freed. If your interested in knowing more, read more…

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